Corporate Electronic Solutions is a knowledge-based Consulting Company with proven expertise in Information and Communication Technology and RD & D (Research Design and Development) attributes. The company has competence in hardware and software solutions deployment and maintenance. Our core Software service is focused on business of design and development of Information Technology Knowledge Infrastructure projects with emphasis on the design of Application Software and Solutions and interfacing them with Local Information Infrastructure (LII), National Information Infrastructure (NII) and Global Information Infrastructure (GII). While our hard-ware core competence involves Engineering and Capacity with reference to Alternative energy sources, Data/ ICT centre set-up and deployment and maintenance of internet services.


Our Technology

Our solutions are built on some of the most robust, stable, and advanced technologies available.  By utilizing industry standard systems architecture, our solutions offer the maximum benefits of stability and cost-effectiveness.


Our Team

We pride ourselves in the dedication and skill of our team. Our team is made up of highly skilled and experienced individuals in various information and communication Technology fields.